What's in the course?

Quality Lessons 

Over 30 days you will be watching on-demand video lessons. There is one lesson at the beginning of each week, and sometimes additional shorter lessons explaining certain topics more in-depth. If you need to review them later, they will be available to you for 12 months.

Re-useable Templates

All of the lesson notes, checklists and templates are in Google Docs. I use Google Docs because it’s a tool you should be familiar with. We work in the same environment you can at work. You can copy and paste and re-use these templates, checklists and your  Design Brief over and over. 

Constant Feedback

Solution Sketch by Westin Conahan

There are three ways to get feedback during the course and accelerate your learning. 

  1. Leave a comment and @mention me in the Google Doc we will be working in. 
  2. During our live Design Critique every week there is time for Q&A. 
  3. Ask your peers in our private Slack group.