The Fastest and Most Effective Way to Train Yourself to Facilitate a Successful Design Sprint. Go Behind-the-Scenes with a Real Company Solving a Real Problem. 

Top companies like Slack, Fitbit, the New York Times, Google, and Facebook use Design Sprints to build better products faster.


If you can can successfully facilitate a Design Sprint, you will be paid more and promoted more than your peers because your work will be directly tied to solving business challenges.

However, facilitating a high-stakes process can be intimidating if you've never seen it done well. Reading the book isn't enough. I know it wasn't for me. That's why I made this course.

This video course lets you sneak "behind-the-scenes" of a world-class Google Ventures Design Sprint Facilitator. Learn how to facilitate by watching me work with a real team solving a real business challenge. 32 hours of raw, real Design Sprint footage, edited down into 3 hours and 12 minutes.


Watching this raw behind-the-scenes footage from a real Design Sprint will prepare you to facilitate Design Sprints in 98% less time than comparable courses. You will be learning directly from me, a full-time facilitator. I've  has worked with companies like Slack, Fitbit, Cisco, and Google. I learned this process from Jake Knapp at Google Ventures while working at Google on the Gmail team. 

Design Sprints 101 is 3 hours and 12 minutes of behind-the-scenes Design Sprint footage in 27 bite-sized videos. It was professionally edited to 3 hours from over 32 hours of raw recordings over five days. If you're not 100% satisfied, let me know within 30 days and I will refund your money. 



Here's a clip from the course. It's a simple activity from the first day of the Design Sprint and an example of the what you can expect in the course.  

What's so special about this training? 

✅ Watch a real business challenge being solved by the actual team that has to solve it

✅ Led by a former Googler and startup founder

✅ Only 4 hours for you to complete


What will I learn? 

If you're like me, reading the Sprint book wasn't enough. I had to watch Jake facilitate in-person to give me confidence to do it myself. This course does that — lets you sit in on the action, as close as possible to a real Design Sprint. You get to sit in the back of the room and watch me work with an actual team solving a real business challenge.

You will be able to...

  • Explain what a sprint is and how it works
  • Clarify the problem at hand and turn it into a long-term goal
  • Make a map of how things happen today, even if it's an industry or challenge you don't understand
  • Interview experts to get helpful answers
  • Explain each and every activity of a sprint
  • Build consensus around a target
  • Explain the big themes of a sprint for each day, like "Start at the end" "Nobody knows everything" and how to "Reframe problems as opportunities"
  • How to visually capture the big ideas during Lightning Demos
  • Explore solutions through sketching exercises, even if your teammates don't know how to draw
  • Build team agreement around a few solutions that you can test
  • Combine multiple ideas into one storyboard without going crazy
  • Prototype your solution and bring it to life
  • Write an interview script that always gets good results
  • Setup a makeshift research lab
  • Test the prototype with people who would use it
  • Work with the team to figure out what's next


About your Teacher 

I'm an independent Product Designer and Management Consultant focused on design, technology, and innovation. I facilitate Design Sprints full-time for companies like Slack, Fitbit, & Cisco. Before consulting, I worked at Google for four years as an Interaction Designer and Visual Designer on Inbox by Gmail and the Google Maps team. Before that, I started a software company that was acquired by Google.

Who should buy this course?

This is for professionals where the stakes are high and they are ready to advance their career. This not for students. If you're a student, take my free course, Product Design 101 and then buy the $12 Sprint book and practice.

    Mid-level and
    Senior Designers

    ✪ Get involved in business challenges to advance your career.

    ✪ Build leadership skills and lead cross-functional teams.

    ✪Learn tools and techniques that will help in your daily work.

    Product professionals
    (PMs, engineers, managers)

    ✪ Build a Design Sprint skillset to be able to work with a cross-collaborative team to impact the business.

    ✪ Learn how to ask the right questions to make better product decisions.


    ✪ Watch a peer facilitate a successful Design Sprint to learn best practices from someone with a Google Product Design background.

    Here's a list of all the videos you will have access to...


    Explain the Sprint
    9 minutes

    Set a Long-term Goal
    2 minutes

    List Open Questions
    7 minutes

    Make a Map
    13 minutes  

    Ask the Expert
    7 minutes

    Organize "How Might We" Note
    1 minute

    Vote on "How Might We" Notes
    5 minutes

    Pick a Target
    2 minutes

    1 minute


    Morning Review
    12 minutes

    Lightning Demos
    15 minutes

    Divide or Swarm
    5 minutes 

    Four Step Sketch
    3 minutes


    4 minutes

    Sticky Decision
    18 minutes 

    Rumble or All-in-One
    1 minute

    15 minutes

    2 minutes


    11 minutes

    Pick the right tools
    1 minute

    Divide and conquer
    4 minutes

    2 minutes


    19 minutes

    Write Key Takeaways
    4 minutes

    Write Next Steps
    7 minutes

    Whenever a CEO needs outside help with a sprint, I tell them to talk to Xander. I trust his work. His skillset is unique—not only is a fantastic designer and facilitator, but he also has experience as a startup founder, so he knows how to get at what really matters for a business.
    — Jake Knapp, New York Times Best Selling Author of Sprint

    Any questions? Find me on Twitter at @helloxander

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