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Curriculum Overview

Product Design 101


Learn the foundational concepts of Product Design

  • You’ll learn the one thing every company is on a quest to answer and how you can help guide that process using design techniques
  • An overview of the design “Process” (how you work)

  • An overview of all design “Deliverables” (what you make)

01. Map


How to deeply understand your users to design a product they love

  • You’ll learn how to uncover painful problems that your users have that they will pay money for
  • You’ll understand why the unsexiest work of designers is the most critical

  • You’ll see how to avoid the pitfall most designers on Dribbble fall into

  • I’ll share all my tips on working with a team to understand your users together

  • You’ll have 7 exercises to run through with your team to discover deep insights about your customers

  • You’ll learn Google’s “secret phrase” that top innovators use in almost every design meeting

02. Sketch

  • Understand the goal (hint: it’s not just to draw UI screens)
  • Learn how to use the simplest, most effective tools for sketching so you never have to think about them again

  • Learn how to write better

  • You’ll understand why writing is one of your most powerful and underrated skills

Take your problems, pains, and research to come up with solutions

03. Decide


Take your problems, pains, and research to come up with solutions 

  • You’ll understand how to make design decisions when you don’t know which direction to go
  • You’ll practice effective presentation skills using Google Slides

  • Learn how to get your team to vote fairly and as unbiased as possible when reviewing ideas

  • You’ll learn the best words to use for critiquing others’ work and how to properly ask for feedback

  • You’ll see and learn how to be a team leader by being able to ask your team members to work together and help you make design decisions

  • You’ll learn a new method for getting everyone to agree and move forward quickly by collaboratively “storyboarding the Golden Path”

04. Prototype

Get feedback from your users before building the damn thing

  • I will show you my tools for prototyping.. I’ve done hours of research, interviews, and experimentation to arrive at this very specific set of simple tools
  • You will understand how to design the simplest possible MVP (minimum-viable product)

  • You will know which type of prototype to use (paper, low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity mock-ups), and when to use each one

  • I will teach you how to quickly create mock-ups and prototypes even when you have no visual design background

  • I will reveal my secret weapon for mocking-up the MVP design lightning- fast

  • You will learn how to navigate design Pattern Libraries like Material Design to reference for the rest of your design career, and design the first version of your app super fast and accurately.

  • You will know how to talk to a developer, and confidently be able to talk about important UI elements like a “Table View” and a “Segmented Control”

  • You’ll learn the absolute best way to share your design with a developer, so they understand exactly what you mean and there’s less back-and-forth. They won’t believe how real it looks and feels.  

05. Test 


Show your solution to real users and get feedback

  • You’ll learn why user testing is critical to any business’ success, but especially software.
  • Learn how to run user studies to actually test your design with real users.

  • Understand why 5 is the perfect magic number of users you need to interview

  • Get a run-down of the software and hardware you’ll need to run your own user studies  

  • You’ll have a good sense of what to expect when user testing

  • You’ll have organized and clear feedback on your designs to show product managers, engineers and others that show you how to move forward.